The registry!

So I'm sitting down with my fiance today to register for our wedding on 4-2-2013, and I'm thinking about that process. As we start our new life together, there are some must haves that go into turning a house into a home and a life. I'm sitting on the couch, and thinking about Dodge Darts.
Have you guys seen the Dart commercial? The one that shows you how you can register for a dart? The process is the same, really. The Dart is the hot must have car for a new generation of buyers. Its very smart, efficient, and still has the horsepower to turn a commute into an experience. I checked out the registry today and its a lot like a wedding registry. You can check it out here. I like the concept of must haves when you build the Dodge Dart. You must have an engine, and a transmission, and 4 wheels. You must have seats. Your family and friends can go into the registry, find your Dart, and pledge "parts" that all have a dollar amount attached to them to help get you started. Parts start at twenty bucks and go up. Seems like an interesting way to buy a car. But, I have to log off now, and go set up my registry.
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